Rapid multi-unit Rebuild

Multi-Unit Rebuild in Under 11 Months!

Never being afraid of a challenge, Buildtech was quick to put up its hand when asked by the homeowners at 220 Salisbury Street, to assist them with the rebuild of their earthquake damaged properties. These five adjoining townhouses were severely damaged following the February 2011 earthquake.

Multi-unit buildings have shared property ownership structures and can include dwellings in a multi-unit building, as well as standalone or joined dwellings on one site. This means more owners, multiple insurance companies with various policies on the same parcel of land, making both insurance claims and the subsequent repairs particularly complex.

But complexity is what Buildtech excels at. Having completed over 2,300 reinstatement projects across Canterbury, Buildtech was confident in its ability to deliver a successful outcome for all stakeholders. Buildtech managed the verification, pre-construction and construction phases of this rebuild, handing the keys over to the homeowners in October 2015 following an 11-month build.

Dora Langsbury one of the property owners was particularly pleased with the process and final product saying “If it wasn’t for Buildtech, I wouldn’t have got my beautiful home. I was going to sell it but my friends have said it is way too beautiful to sell”

Immediately from the outset, Buildtech undertook a thorough verification process to ascertain modern-day equivalent specifications for the homeowner and insurer (as per their policy responses), and working through the variety of requirements under individual policies, such as sustainability allowances, landscape allowances and varying levels of betterment, including homestar and lifemark ratings.

The five month pre construction phase included Buildtech managing the design and build, engaging the various consultants required for this new build, which included design firm Solarchitects, engineering firm Vert-X, surveying by Envivo and Geotechnical engineers Cook Costello.

A re-levelable rib raft foundation system was implemented on this TC3 site and due to flood management, this resulted in the properties having to be raised to meet the 1/50 year predicted flood levels, which consequently meant that a Resource Consent was required due to recession planes being breached as a result of the raised foundation level.

Director Israel Cooper is understandably very proud of what the team has accomplished. He said that “offering most trades in-house and a team of over 100 staff, Buildtech has the resources and expertise to deliver on larger projects, and as a result projects such as the Salisbury Street townhouses have been completed under budget and to time, despite the technical challenges.”

Israel believes that despite challenges involved in every sort of repair or rebuild, it is the final outcome that matters most. “As a company, we understand what a home is to a family, what a workplace means to a business, and what a neighbourhood means to a community” he said. “We care about the outcome because we care about the customer”.

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