Buildtech is a strong advocate for investment in local communities.

Below is a selection of the community events and organisations that Buildtech has been involved with and continue to support.

Canterbury Rams

As part of our investment into the rebuild of Christchurch, Buildtech has partnered with the local community in the revival of the Canterbury Rams basketball team. Historically the Canterbury Rams was one of Canterbury's most recognised and popular sporting teams. The revival of the Rams was a strong signal to the people of Canterbury that the region was recovering. Furthermore, the Rams facilitate a strong youth development programme in local schools, which provides a strong pathway for developing talent.

Project Esther Trust

The earthquakes in Christchurch devastated much of its housing stock and put significant pressure on accommodation availability. Project Esther provides accommodation and pastoral care services for at risk women. Buildtech is to be a strong advocate for Project Esther and its activities. Buildtech's staff have volunteered on a number of repair and rebuild projects for the Trust. Buildtech continues to provide financial, resource and maintenance support for the trust.

Preemptive Love Coalition

Buildtech and its staff have been strong supporters of this powerfully effective and impacting organisation. Preemptive Love is a global movement of peacemakers changing the way we engage the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love.

The coalition provides providing life saving medical support, food, water, and places of refuge for thousands of refugees around the world. 

What the team at Buildtech is most moved with is our ability to partner in the provision of training, tools, and opportunities for carpenters in these war torn places to begin the rebuilding of their homes, villages and cities.

Habitat for Hummanity


Every 24 hours Habitat for Humanity completes 115 homes around the world. Buildtech is contributing to this statistic in New Zealand with the completion of new homes for deserving families, with more on the way.

Fundamentally Buildtech exists because we care about people and the environments that they live and operate in each day. We aim to make a lasting positive impact on New Zealand’s built environment, and partnering with Habitat for Humanity is yet another way for us to practically outwork this mission.

Buildtech staff also attend overseas building teams in places such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Christchurch Stands Tall

Buildtech relished the opportunity to give the people of Christchurch a reason to explore their great city again, and see firsthand the rebuild activity which is going on across the city. As a key sponsor of the Christchurch Stands Tall art event, this opportunity was too good to miss, so Buildtech did it twice. After 12 weeks of animating the city, the sculptures were auctioned and raised approximately $350,000 for charity. We were proud to contribute to this figure when we bought our RAMS Giraffe, which now stands tall outside our Christchurch office. Come and visit

The Parenting Place

The ambitious dream of The Parenting Place to see every family flourishing and every child feeling deeply loved is one which Buildtech strongly supports. In fact, the team at The Parenting Place believe that healthy, loving families can transform society. We at Buildtech agree.

As New Zealand’s largest parenting organisation – reaching over 300,000 families every year – The Parenting Place is passionate about walking alongside parents and young people, recognising that every relationship grows stronger with support, encouragement and nurture. It’s a vision for family and whānau where we are connected and we belong, we are listened to and heard, feel safe and trusted, where we can fail and be forgiven, are enjoyed and pursued, respected as individuals, challenged and believed in, and have hope for our future.


Buildtech has provided over $10,000 to date to fund more than 100 small businesses, individuals and students. Kiva is a social lending programme that supports small businesses and education activities in developing countries. Kiva is an innovative way to support sustainable development and educational attainment.

Supporting Children and Families

We're committed to our role in the community and we understand the importance of enabling our children to flourish by creating safe learning environments. That is why following the Canterbury Earthquakes, Buildtech prioritised multiple make safe and temporary repairs to child care facilities around Christchurch.

Over the years Buildtech and its staff have engaged in many community and social activities: over $20,000 was raised for a cochlear hearing implant for a local teacher, many local artists have been sponsored, Buildtech and its staff have volunteered and supported the revival of local schools and pre-schools including Fernside School and Spreydon School.
Buildtech is also a regular supporter of Special Children's Christmas, Cure Kids, Shave for a Cure and Daffodil Day.

Buildtech has also supported many uninsured homeowners to undertake earthquake repairs to their homes.

Rebuild Christchurch Foundation

Buildtech has been a strong supporter and advocate of the Rebuild Christchurch Foundation for over five years. Buildtech believes that the sharing of ideas, information and experiences is crucial to the rebuild of Christchurch. Rebuild Christchurch is one of the largest and most prolific sources of information on the Christchurch rebuild. As an independent not-for-profit organisation it plays a critical role in keeping the local and wider community informed on all aspects of the recovery and rebuild effort.

Sydenham Rugby

Many of Buildtech's staff and their families are long time members of the Sydenham Rugby club. Buildtech is a strong supporter and sponsor of the club and admires the positive youth development it provides to the community.

Mainland Football

Buildtech has supported Mainland Football for over five years. Football has a strong local community support base and is a central part of many local community activities in Christchurch